This page is about the content that does not appear in the final product of LittleBigPlanet.


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LittleBigPlanet's first stage was a tech demo titled Craftworld. It starred the character Yellow Head, going through platforming and puzzles, as well as grabbing things.[1]



Instead of The Collector, an early version had a more menacing and large robotic creature, that also appeared in concept art.


In a video, it showcased some of their dialogue, and their 3D model.[2]


What's this?

Pesky little pipsqueaks.

I hope you aren't thinking of interfering with my plans..........

I'll be keeping an eye on you.


In the final game, a concept can be obtained with a sketch of them, revealing that their name is Giant. It's unknown whether this was their intended name or not.


Tools Bag

At first, Create Mode originally had Sackboy pick up tools from a shelf with materials and power-ups hanging down from it.[3]

Prize and Score Bubbles

The earliest version of a Score Bubble was titled a sponge, and was round and had a spongy texture. These were also used as currency, to buy prizes.

Currency is also mentioned in the final game's unused text.[4]

Sponge Bubbles
MaterialCostMultipliers_0 1 # Wood

MaterialCostMultipliers_1 1 # Metal

MaterialCostMultipliers_2 1 # Cardboard

MaterialCostMultipliers_3 1 # Polystyrene

MaterialCostMultipliers_4 1 # Glass

MaterialCostMultipliers_5 1 # Sponge

MaterialCostMultipliers_6 1 # Gold

MaterialCostMultipliers_7 1 # Orrible

MaterialCostMultipliers_8 1 # Chi

MaterialCostMultipliers_9 1 # Fluid

MaterialCostPerUnitArea 0.0001

English Seaside

English Seaside was a cut location based off a harbor in England.

It may have been between The Gardens and The Savannah, as The King sends Sackboy to The Savannah in a submarine, however Sackboy also arrives in a submarine in English Seaside. It could be seen in several game trailers.[5]

Tea By The Sea was originally going to be used for this theme, but was later sold in the Mm Music Pack.

English Seaside


The first version of the Popit was shown at GDC 2007. Here it showed only 3 icons, a Goodies Bag, a gear which was probably the Tools Bag, and an Earth icon, perhaps Global Settings. In the Goodies Bag, you picked the shape first, then the Material.



Unlike the final game, where it has 3 layers, footage from GDC 2007 shows that it could have had about 12.

Wooden Levers

The sponge on a 2-Way Switch resembled a wooden material. It can be seen in several game trailers.[6]

Wooden lever

Ice Hazard

In a video, it showcases a hazard titled the Freezatron. Bouncing on it would encase the Sackperson with ice, and the player would have to shake the controller to get Sackboy out. This caused the game to lag a bit, and it may have been the reason why it was cut.[7] However, something similar to it can be achieved with logic in LittleBigPlanet 3.[8]

It can be seen in the final game by hacking, but selecting it in Create Mode does nothing.[9]

There is also text left in the game mentioning it.[10]

Ice Hazard
FramesFromIceDeathTillRespawn 0

FramesTillFrozenToDeath 0

ForceToSmashWhenFrozen 1e+006

FrozenBoxScale 1.125,2,0

FrozenBoxOffset 0,0,0

FrozenBoxThick 0

SenseHistorySize 0

ShakeSenseBase 0

ShakeSenseScale 0

ShakeSenseThresh 500

IceTemperature -55.0

IceDensity 0.5

IceColorR 1

IceColorG 1

IceColorB 1

IceAlpha 1

Unreleased costumes[11]

These costumes can be worn, but cannot be obtained normally, only by hacking or glitching the game files.

Director costume

A costume for a video making contest that never happened.[source?]


  • Clapperboard
  • Black Beret


  • The Director costume may never be released because it was a community creation for a previous competition, so that may cause legal complications.[12]

Bumblebee costume

A costume of a bumblebee as "Design A Sackboy" competition winner.


  • Bumblebee Antennae
  • Bumblebee Skin
  • Bumblebee Wings


  • The Bumblebee costume may never be released due to the fact that it was not designed by the current LittleBigPlanet developers.[14]

DLC released for LittleBigPlanet 2

These are DLC that ended up releasing in LittleBigPlanet 2 instead.

Ratchet and Clank

Big Daddy


"Boston" outfit

There was a matching outfit with a headband, shorts, and a jersey shirt that said "BOSTON 34" on it. The handband and shorts were removed from the game entirely, and the jersey was reskinned for unknown reasons. It has the color scheme of Boston's NBA basketball team, the Celtics. It can be seen in several game trailers.[15]

Evel Knievel

There were a set of clothes which were reskinned in the final version of the game. The costume was based off Evel Knievel.[16]



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