• The Pod is the same, but there are several differences:
    • It is stretched vertically to fit the PlayStation Vita's screen.
    • A PlayStation Vita system replaces the DualShock 3.
    • There are no windows on the left and right sides of the Pod.
  • The Popit menu's default colors were changed to green instead of blue.
  • The scoreboard gets a re-design.
    • If you tweak the scoreboard, you may put in custom skill rewards.
  • When yaying community levels, the text reads "What did you THINK?" instead of "Do you LIKE?", unlike LittleBigPlanet 2.
  • In place of Text Chat and Retry, two new buttons are added: Gameplay Controls and Global Controls.
  • In Create Mode, there some differences:
    • The thermometer is somewhat smaller, due to hardware limitations.
      • The thermometer HUD element is also physically smaller.
    • There are Touch materials, taking advantage of the PS Vita's touch pad capabilities.
    • On LittleBigPlanet 2, you could use the right stick to move the camera, but now, you use the right stick and the rear touch pad at the same time.
    • You cannot play online in Create Mode.
  • Sack-Thing has the same model, however all the stitches on him have been removed, except for the stitches on his head.

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