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This is a list of the levels that can be played in LittleBigPlanet (PSP).

List of levels

Theme Level name Description
Down Under The Introduction Introducing LittleBigPlanet™ on the PSP™ (PlayStation©Portable) system.
Walkabout Have a walkabout and learn to run and jump.
Gift of The Grab Learn how to grab hold of stuff.
Wave Goodbye Stay on your board and collect as many points as you can before you wipeout.
Didgerido Didgeridon't Meet the Mystic and all will become a bit clearer.
Shear Madness The more sheep you can shear, the more points you'll earn.
Dreamtime Dream on Sackboy, dream on!
The Orient Mortar Do Help the Emperor to re-build his great big wall.
Double Dragons Keep running to stop being swallowed by the hunger dragons, Survive for as long as you can, and collect lots of points.
Dragon on a Bite Escape from the dragon, and avoid becoming crispy roast Sackboy.
Stamp Collector Workout where to stand and avoid a good old fashioned crushing.
Eggstraction Explore the Emperor's palace and solve his fiendish puzzle rooms.
The Bazaar Cheeky Monkey Catch the cheeky monkey.
Thieves' Den Infiltrate the Thieves' Den and retrieve the stolen lamp.
Ladderal Thinking Avoid the snakes and hazards, and get to the end of this fiendish level. If you can.
Rugs and Kisses Ride the magic carpet.
Monkey Puzzle Tree These naughty monkeys are dropping something very unpleasant. Avoid it for as long as possible, and collect the nice things they drop instead.
Golden Sands Get the Hump Solve a fruity puzzle, and ride the Prince's camel across the fiery sands.
Out Foxed Let's bounce! Bounce on the fox's heads and collect score bubbles.
Sand Ahoy Move the Prince's goods across the river, pronto!
Fun Pharaoh Inspect the unexpected.
Sackar Rally Get across the assault course. Survival is your reward (and all the points you collect).
Alpine Run Mountin' Excitement Begin the search the Hans children.
Roque n Roller Avoid the stinky cheese! Survive for as long as you can, and collect the tasty points.
Peak Performance Inflate the hot air balloon, and float over the mountains. Where is the boy?
Dogged Determination Man's best friend becomes Sackboy's best friend. It's time for a show of Hans.
Off Piste Get on your board, and get down the mountain. Keep you board steady in the air, and beat the timer for plenty of points.
Tinsel Town Stitch Gordon It's time for your LittleBigScreen debut.
I Race Dead People Get through the horribly haunted house. Who dares, wins (lots of points).
Frying Saucers Face the big alien boss, and kick his big alien ass.
The Sewn Identity Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is very tricky. Did we mention the lasers?
Opening Fright Good evening ladies and err primates?
Leap of Faith Jump the canyons of probable death on your mean machine for a juicy points fest.
The Carnival Crashing the Party Help the Creator Curators with their floats and they'll help you with yours.
Feeling Hot Roll across the very, very hot beach; on top of a giant beach ball.
Road to Joy Finish preparing for the procession.
Golissimo! Beat the keeper by giving 110 per cent over the 90 minutes and getting a result. At the end of the day, it's a game of two halves. This could be a repeat of the final.
The Procession You in your own float! Sit back and enjoy the ride. You're officially the best. You rock. You're awesome.