Decorating a level is almost as important as making it. Without it, levels seem dull and lifeless. Decorating includes decorations, stickers, background scenery, scene objects and moving scene objects. They may sound easy, but pulling them together is pretty hard.


Decorations, are, in it's name, almost only for 3-D decorating. They have no interaction with the player and objects, but are highly useful.


As the name implys these are used to decorate or change the color of objects. They can also be used as a guide for directons, make charcters and can be used to give detail to a material such as a crack.

Background Scenery

They are basically the two below descriptions, but not in the players path. They appear away from him or her.

Scene Objects

These are objects placed solely for appearance, such as an apple in a place with an apple tree. They may be blocking off an area, but are much better compared to a basic material.

Moving Scene Objects

These are controlled by pistions, chains, motor bolts, wobble bolts, etc. They are more complex and may be harder to get the motion you want.

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