Edit This article contains information about creating levels in LittleBigPlanet. Edit

Using Materials

Materials are a fundamental part of your level. Without materials, your level would just be a bunch of things lying on the ground. Materials aren't limited to making just landscapes however, they can also be used to make your own objects, traps, creatures, and vehicles. If you want to have say, a scenic platformer use a good combination.

The Materials

There are some basic materials in LittleBigPlanet you have to understand, each one with different properties. The other materials you find have the same properties as their matching basic material (for example, the 'Wooden Struts' material has the same properties as the 'Wood' material); most of these other materials are found in prize bubbles on your journey through LittleBigPlanet.

Think of Sackboy as a normal weighted material that can be grabbed, exploded and crushed.

Basic Materials

Material Icon Weight Able to grab Able to explode Able to be crushed Extra notes
Cardboard Cardboard Very light No Yes Yes Used as standard for placing Sticker Switches and crushing dangers.
Glass Glass Medium No No No Slippery, almost transparent - Glass objects placed behind other glass objects are completely invisible regardless of the color of the glass. Excellent for slippery surfaces but very frustrating to run on if not used properly.
Metal Metal Very Heavy No No No Easy to crush things. Good, sturdy building material.
Polystyrene Polystyrene Very light Yes Yes Yes Due to properties, easy to carry things on.
Rubber Rubber Normal No No No High traction, good for wheels.
Sponge Sponge Light Yes Yes Yes Easily crushed, rounded borders. Normally used for Grab Switches and swings.
Stone Stone Very Heavy No No No Basic for building landscape and solid structures.
Wood Wood Normal No No Yes Basic building material, doesn't reflect much light in darkness.
Dissolve Dissolve Light Yes Yes Yes Like Polystyrene. Dissolves when triggered by a switch.
Dark Matter Antigrav Stationary No No No

Unmovable; defies the laws of gravity (stays in air and cannot be pushed) - Rounded edges. Very useful for those who desire their platforms floating in mid-air, without having to worry about the building falling or tipping onto the ground. Great for placing objects that you want to float, such as clouds. Objects can be tethered to Dark Matter with a string from the Popit Tools menu under the "Connectors" section. String can be tweaked to be made invisible, giving the illusion that the item is floating in mid-air.

Pink Floaty Pink Light as air Yes Yes Yes Has the same density as air, so it floats in place. However, it can be pulled down and moved.
Peach Floaty Peach Lighter than air Yes Yes Yes

Like Pink Floaty. When left alone, it floats away, so it must be tethered.

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