There are spoilers for the LittleBigPlanet series underneath this header. Read at your own risk.
Colonel Flounder

Colonel Flounder

La Marionetta is where the story in LittleBigPlanet PS Vita starts! Upon meeting Colonel Flounder, the player hears of the trouble and the strife that has now befallen the once great Carnivalia. Here, your training begins to take down The Puppeteer and become a true Carnivalian!
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Themed Collectible Items


  1. Black Cloth
  2. Black Painted Wood
  3. Brown Shiny Wood
  4. Carnival Lights Wood
  5. Circle Trim
  6. Circus Tent Leather
  7. Clean Leather
  8. Damask - Red Floral
  9. Gold Framed Wood
  10. Instrument Wood
  11. Ivory
  12. Music Box
  13. Old Toy Metal
  14. Old Wagon Wood
  15. Patch Quilt
  16. Red Golden Wood
  17. Rounded Wood
  18. Sand
  19. Treasure Chest Wood
  20. Velvet Cloth
  21. Violin Wood
  22. Wooden Cross Beams


  1. Accordion Box
  2. Cactus
  3. Caravan Wheel
  4. Guitar Heel
  5. Guitar Neck
  6. Harmonica
  7. Old Book Side
  8. Old Book Spine
  9. Recorder Body Joint
  10. Recorder Foot Joint
  11. Recorder Head Joint
  12. Violin Head


  1. Accordion Blue
  2. Accordion Keys
  3. Accordion Keys Round
  4. Accordion Red
  5. Black Paint Splosh
  6. Black Swirl
  7. Broken Cage Bars
  8. Bunny
  9. Cage Bars
  10. Candy Floss
  11. Cannon
  12. Card Clubs
  13. Card Diamonds
  14. Card Hearts
  15. Card Joker
  16. Card Joker's Bell
  17. Card Joker's Hat
  18. Card King's Crown
  19. Card Queen's Crown
  20. Card Spades
  21. Carousel Horse
  22. Circus Decoration
  23. Circus Font C
  24. Circus Font I
  25. Circus Font R
  26. Circus Font U
  27. Circus Font S
  28. Circus Tent Bottom
  29. Circus Tent Top
  30. Circus Twirl
  31. Clown Cheek
  32. Clown Circle
  33. Clown Eye
  34. Clown Face
  35. Clown Hair
  36. Clown Nose
  37. Corner Twirl
  38. Corset
  39. Curtain Side
  40. Curtain Top
  41. Doll Arm
  42. Doll Eye
  43. Doll Leg
  44. Door Ring
  45. Drawer
  46. Drum
  47. Drum Top
  48. Elephant
  49. Eye With Large Lashes
  50. Ferris Wheel Cart
  51. Ferris Wheel Part
  52. Golden Frame
  53. Golden Frame Corner
  54. Golden Swirl
  55. Golden Twirl
  56. Green Eyebrow
  57. Guitar Pick
  58. Guitar Pickup
  59. Guitar Whammy Bar
  60. Judge Wig
  61. Lace Collar
  62. Lady Beard
  63. Lady Dress
  64. Lady Head
  65. Lady Torso
  66. Large Accordion
  67. Line Twirl
  68. Lioness
  69. Locomotive Wheel
  70. Magic Hat
  71. Moustache
  72. Muscle Man Arm
  73. Muscle Man Foot
  74. Muscle Man Hand
  75. Muscle Man Head
  76. Muscle Man Thigh
  77. Muscle Man Torso
  78. Note 01
  79. Note 02
  80. Note Wave
  81. Old Clock Face
  82. Peppermint Rock Sweets
  83. Pillar Bottom
  84. Pillar Middle
  85. Pillar Top
  86. Pink Bow
  87. Popcorn
  88. Popcorn Box
  89. Puppet Theatre Part
  90. Red Door
  91. Red Gradient Ring 01
  92. Red Gradient Ring 02
  93. Red Rose
  94. Ride Ticket
  95. Ringmaster Chin
  96. Ringmaster Ear
  97. Ringmaster Hat
  98. Ring Master Head
  99. Ringmaster Moustache
  100. Strongman Arm
  101. Strongman Body
  102. Strongman Head
  103. Theatre Sign
  104. Theatre Stage
  105. Thin man Arm
  106. Thin Man Foot
  107. Thin Man Hand
  108. Tidal Wave
  109. Treble Clef
  110. Trumpet
  111. Ugly Teeth
  112. Violin Decoration
  113. Whale
  114. Wooden Finger
  115. Wooden Frame
  116. Wooden Frame Corner
  117. Zigzag Pattern


  1. Black Accordion Button
  2. Bow Tie
  3. Brass Pillar Top
  4. Cactus Branch
  5. Cactus Spike
  6. Circus Curtain
  7. Clown Nose
  8. Colunm Top
  9. Curtain Tassel
  10. Cymbal
  11. Fancy Curtain
  12. Fancy Pole
  13. Forte Shape
  14. Gold Ring
  15. Gramophone
  16. Guitar String
  17. Guitar String Broken
  18. Long Guitar String
  19. Metal Corner Trim
  20. Music Box Cylinder
  21. Organ Pipe
  22. Piano Key
  23. Roped Curtain
  24. Small Lamp
  25. Trumpet Bell
  26. Trumpet Mouth Piece
  27. Trumpet Pipe
  28. Trumpet Valve
  29. Tuning Peg
  30. White Accordion Button



"What a fun-filled world, sparkling with joy, laughter, and excitement! All Sorts of thrills await you on the other side of these walls. Could such a magical and happy place as this ever change for the worst?" - LittleBigPlanet PS Vita

This is the first level you will come across when you boot up the game for the first time. Just make you way to the end of the level where you will encounter Colonel Flounder

LBPV Introduction

Cutscene 1: A Carnival On The Run

"Colonel Flounder has just rescued you from a life of thrilling rollercosters, bizarre shadows, and the general pursuit of fun. The Colonel assures us it's for your own good though. And if these stories of an evil puppeteer are true, La Marionetta is the best place to start your hero training!" - LittleBigPlanet PS Vita

This Cutscene will play automatically at the end of the introduction. Here would will learn all about the Puppeteer.


First Lessons In Loco-Motion

"Colonel Flounder may seem as bonkers as a bag of chisels, but he knows how to train a hero! The First step is to learn the basics. Nothing too taxing. Just a little light jumping here and there. You will also learn one of Carnivalia's Most secret tricks... the power of touch!" - LittleBigPlanet PS Vita

In your first main level Flounder will talk you through the basic controls of LBP PS Vita. In order to ace this level, place the "Ace of spades" Trigger Sticker on the sticker sensor at the start of the level. This will make the Cage that traps you break open! so you don't have to use the "try again."

LBPV First lesson in loco-motion 1

Swing-Bop Acrobatics

"A Slightly tougher test from your wildly-whiskered mentor now, as your training moves into advance acrobatics, Here you, you will learn all about the greatness of grabbing and the swishness of swinging, whilst also finding some even cooler uses for the power of touch" - LittleBigPlanet PS Vita

Your next lesson! Here you will learn about Grabbing and Swinging.

LBPV Swing-bop acro' 1

Side Mission 1: Bouce Tappin'

"Sackfolk are naturally curious creatures, and its impossible to wrap their birthday presents when they keep peering out of the window at you! In this 1-player game, use touch to tap them on the bonce, and keep their prying eyes at bay!" -LittleBigPlanet PS Vita

Hold your vita side ways, and tap the heads of the sackfolk as the pop out of their windows. Try holding the vita with one hand and use the other as if you were Commander Data (from star trek) to tap the heads. (in other words try to use all of your fingers instead of one to get high scores.

LBPV Bounce tappin 1

Flounder's Jump & Jive

"The relentless march of Old Father Time has beaten many would-be heroes in the past. Colonel Flounder must have faith in you though, because, for this next test, he has gotten you jumping through hoops too!" - LittleBigPlanet PS Vita

LBPV Flounder's Jump & Jive 1

Side Mission 2: Tower Builder

"What better way to channel your inner builder than in a game of Tower Builder! You can play online, or with your friends through shared screen play. Use your touch power to build the tallest tower possible! Don't forget that you can rotate objects when touching them" LittleBigPlanet PS Vita

LBPV Tower Builder 1

Palace Of The Peculiar

"As a dyed-in-the-wool Carnivalian, Colonel Flounder has a few tricks up his sleeve...some of which may turn your world upside down! You'll need to remember all of your training if you want to make it though here in one piece. Luckily, you will also learn a new touch power!" - LittleBigPlanet PS Vita

LBPV Palace of the Pecullar

Side Mission 3: Wall Or Nothing

"Walls these days have no respect for anyone! In this survival challenge, you earn points for running or jumping into each wall's safe zone. Be quick though, or it'll be curtains for you!" - LittleBigPlanet PS Vita

LBPV Wall or Nothing 1

Piano of Peril

"For this final challenge, Colonel Founder has created a monstrous for that will test your readiness for the road ahead. With the lights dimmed, and bottoms on seats, its time to face your toughest challenge so far!" LittleBigPlanet PS Vita

LBPV Piano of Peril

Cutscene 2:Destination: Destiny!

"Time to board Colonel Flounder's rickety old boat and leave La Marionetta for now. Lets see if there is any truth to the rumours of naughtiness and shenanigans taking place upriver! This has to be the work of The Puppeteer ... hasn't it?" - LittleBigPlanet PS Vita

LBPV Destination- Destiny! 1