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Kling Klong
is the 5th and final level in Victoria's Laboratory. The boss is Victoria's brainwave machine corrupted by the Negativitron.


1st Floor

In this round, Kling Klong shoots deadly electricity beams through the floor. A cake emitter is on the left side, you must take cake with the grabinators and throw them at Kling Klong's brains. Be careful to time your jumps correctly. There will be 2 you have to jump over. Once close enough, throw the cake at the machines exposed brain. Once done three times, the machine will grow another set of brains and walk up to the next floor.

Easy Ace Trick: Get 2 players for this level. Go into the elevator and to the first round. Player 2 stays in the elevator so it stays open. Wait until the 1st electric shock passes, then jump out and grab a cupcake. Jump over the 2nd electric shock and shoot Kling Klong's brain. Get back in the elevator and repeat until you move to the second round.
Kling Klong fight

Kling Klong on 2nd Floor.

2nd Floor

Here, King Klong will shoot globs of electrified jelly at the player, which bounce off the floor, wall and ceiling before dissolving. As with the first floor, you must use the cakes to hit three brains. Once that is done, the machine will grow a last set of brains and head up to the last floor.

3rd Floor

On this floor, King Klong shoots a straight beam of electricity across the room at three points of elevation:

  • Near the top of the room.
  • The middle of the room.
  • Just above floor level.

As before, you must use three cakes to hit his three brains, however, the last shot of the three elevations will kill the player if they do not use the bounce pads to avoid it. Once all three brains are killed, the player will be able to access the Scoreboard.


Level Complete

  • 'Victoria's Laboratory' Background Template
  •  Sack-in-a-Clock Glasses
  •  Ghosts

Aced Level Gifts

  • Victoria Von Bathysphere
  • Flaskboy Headpiece 3
  • Boxing Shorts


  • Kling Klong is indoubtedly a reference to the movie monster King Kong, especially in the nature of its size and the fact it climbs the side of the laboratory.
  • Despite the creature having a single eye, the thumbnail for the level depicts the boss with two eyes.

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