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Irene is a character from LittleBigPlanet 3, and she owns a diner in Manglewood, Bunkum. She is voiced by Lucy Newman-Williams.




Irene can be found deep in the Maglewoods swamps, as she asks for help to feed her giant rabbit Matilda. However, once Sackboy decides to give her a hand, it is revealed that she actually meant to feed Sackboy to Matilda. Once Matilda has feasted she will gift them with her costume.



Irene has a burger for head, and oven timers for eyes. With a diner outfit and hat, Irene also has a stick, a pin and an order note in her head. Her body is similar to that of a sackperson, which suggestes her origins.


As an insignificant character, Irene has little known personality. However, her single action suggests that she is a sneaky individual, and has no trouble in lying, and is ruthless and rather selfish. On the other hand she shows how grateful she is after Sackboy feeds Matilda.

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