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Introduction is the first level in LittleBigPlanet PS Vita. It introduces players to the game.


At the beginning, the level is drawn into existence. Sackboy falls into the world, and Stephen Fry welcomes you and tells you how to move and jump. As you run along, you come across two instructional videos, one telling you how to dress up, and the other telling you how to act. As you advance thorugh the level, the world becomes more concrete, until you finally arrive at a circus tent. The tent's entrance starts to open up, and at first Sackboy is happy, but then Colonel Flounder appears and tells him not to go in. As Sackboy and the Colonel run away, the entrance opens up fully to reveal a glowing spiral. The level then links into the cutscene A Carnival On The Run, in which Colonel Flounder explains the game's plot.