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Hungry Caterpillars is a versus mini-game in Eve's Asylum. The object of the game is to eat as many apples as possible without bumping into your giant caterpillar or your opponent's tiny one. Press X for a cool but risky speed boost. Sometimes (this is a rare occurence) there will be a 500 point apple in the middle, use your speed boost when that happens! All the other apples are worth 100 points. There will be 4 caterpillars; white, red, black, and grey.(try to pick your caterpillar FAST because the clock is ticking even when you start the level.) The way to find the key is in Up and At 'Em (in the third round) and watch for a little circular thing with an opening; thats where the key is.At the end of the level when the scoreboard comes up (in the mini game) the loser will fall down (scoreboard picture) and you will rule the scoreboard. Good for you. Note when your caterpillar grows huge TRY NOT to do sharp turns because you will get stuck in your caterpillar and die. Try not to bump into the other caterpillar(s) or else your heart thingy will go down (not all the way down to die point). You don't want that to happen do you? So get out there and win that game!

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