LBP2 spaceship

Huge Spaceship

This article is about the spaceship. for the LittleBigPlanet Karting level, see Huge Spaceship (Level).

Huge Spaceship is a ship owned by Avalon Centrifuge and used by The Alliance to travel through space to stop The Negativitron .


Huge Spaceship Crashed

Huge Spaceship after first crash landing.

During the attack on Avalonia by The Negativitron, the spaceship was shot down in the fight so The Alliance had to get help from Dr. Herbert Higginbotham to rebuild it. They then headed to fight the Negativitron with the rebuilt ship but it was shot down again by the Negativitron and crashlanded.


  • Huge Spaceship's name is derived from the obvious fact that it is a huge spaceship.
  • The ship's front is based off of Sackboy's head profile from the side, and the boarding ramp is accessed by the ship's "mouth" opening. The ship's entire design is based off of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek.

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