Huge Space Ship

Huge Peril for Huge Spaceship gameplay.

Huge Peril for Huge Spaceship is the boss level in Avalonia. The goal is to defeat the boss while avoiding lasers and plasma balls. For the 1st part, you have the fire at the middle when the lasers are not shooting. In the 2nd part, you will have to shoot at 2 areas: an area near the top and an area near the bottom. Finally, for the 3rd part, you will shoot at the pilot.The pilot fires a pattern: first, the are 2 lasers that you have enough room to stay in between. last, you need to watch out! These lasers start at the middle of the ship, then travel upwards and downwards until they reach the bottom and top of the spaceship. Then, it is safe to shoot. When you have killed the bad guy, you will have completed Avalonia and you will go to Eve's Asylum. Do Note: The ship's lasers will instantly destroy your Bee 2.0, but you can take several plasma ball hits.

End of level rewards

Level Complete

  • Costume: Globetrotter Dress
  • Costume: Plectra Skin
  • Music: 'Tension'

Aced Level

  • Costume: Avalon Centrifuge
  • Costume: Globetrotter Hat
  • Music: 'Heroic Fanfare'

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