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Hedge Hopping is a mini game found in Da Vinci's Hideout. In Hedge Hopping, there are moving platforms equipped with a lot of Bounce Pads. The goal is to get as many score bubbles as possible without falling off the plattform, or falling into the spikes on the platforms. At the end, there are prizes that you can earn if you have a certain number of points.

It is also possible to achieve the more "expensive" prizes by collecting the prize bubbles that don't need that many points first. From collecting those prize bubbles more points are obtained that might be enough to get the pricier prize bubbles.


2500 Points

  • Sticker: Funny Mouse
  • Sticker: Ochre Male Profile
  • Costume: Sackbulb Skin

5000 Points

  • Costume: Sackabillie Dress
  • Costume: Sackabillie Hair
  • Sticker: White Starburst

10000 Points

  • Costume: Chef Spatula
  • Costume: Chef Hat
  • Costume: Sackbulb Headpiece

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