Gripple Grapple is the third level in Da Vinci's Hideout and introduces the Grappling Hook . This level is full of electrical hazards, but has infinite-life checkpoints. At the beginning of the level, there is a sticker button requiring the Da Vinci Crest sticker. This reconfigures the course, revealing new prize bubbles . It also brings a race gate and releases three flying prize bubbles, which must be chased down. This level is divided into two parts.



  • Block of Handwriting
  • Chalk Arm
  • Chalk Body
  • Chalk Arrow
  • Chalk Bounce Arrow
  • Chalk Circle
  • Chalk Cloud
  • Chalk Curved Arrow
  • Chalk Dotted Diagonal
  • Chalk Happy Face
  • Chalk Hazard Symbol
  • Chalk L1 Button
  • Chalk Leg
  • Chalk Lightning
  • Chalk Line
  • Chalk Round Scribble
  • Chalk Sad Face
  • Chalk Skull
  • Chalk Speech Bubble
  • Chalk Spiral Arrow
  • Chalk Spiral Squiggle
  • Chalk Square
  • Chalk Square Scribble
  • Chalk Star
  • Chalk Wavy Line
  • Chalk Zig-Zag
  • Chalk Dotted Circle
  • Chopper Cabinet
  • Da Vinci Child
  • Drippy Principia Logo
  • Fancy Art Logo
  • Guitar Neck
  • Hook Sketch
  • Jug Sketch
  • Scoop
  • Scoop Arm
  • Streetlamps
  • Stripey Arrow
  • Wooden Gear 2
  • Wrench
  • Blue Tile Block
  • Da Vinci Arm
  • Da VInci Crest
  • Da Vinci Torso
  • Henry VIII
  • Leg Sketch---Sandals
  • Medieval Nurse
  • Old Man Sketch
  • Profile Mask
  • Stippled Bush
  • Wooden Gear 3


  • Wooden Cog Wheel
  • Wooden Valve Wheel


  • Blackboard
  • Bookshelves
  • Canvas---Fine-Weave
  • Canvas Medium Weave
  • Canvas---Coarse-Weave
  • Damask---Yellow Leaves


  • Dowel---Horizontal
  • Wooden Chandelier
  • Wooden Chandelier Arm
  • Wooden Chandelier Centre
  • Wooden Strut


  • 'Heavenly Choirs' Stinger

Level Complete

  • Costume: Belly Dancer Wrist Ties
  • Costume: Cog Princess Dress
  • Music: 'Disco Montage'

Collect All

  • Decoration: Iridescent Flower
  • Material: Canvas---Brown
  • Music: 'The Big Reveal'

Aced Level

  • Costume: Straw Hat
  • Decoration: Tree Stump

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