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Moderation is something that Sony does on LittleBigPlanet. Moderation is where a level is edited or removed for a certain reason. Moderation is handled centrally by Sony, not by Sumo Digital or Media Molecule. A level can be moderated by pressing select to bring up the "Good Grief!" menu and report it. A moderator will take it from there. The Sony moderators have sparked much controversy with the players of LBP, because they remove levels for no reason sometimes. Your Pod, stickers, and costumes can also be moderated. Strangely, Donkey tails can be moderated in your Pod, depends where you put them. Magic Mouths can be moderated if it contains stereotyping. Typing in naughty words will come up as asterisks. However there are glitches with it where it will put asterisks in something for no reason.


  • Copyright infringement
  • Offensive
  • Naughty language
  • Mature/Adult content
  • Exact copy of another level
  • Spam/Trolling
  • Terms and conditions infringing
  • Violence

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