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Lbp2-full metal rabbit

Full Metal Rabbit is the second level of the Cosmos. It is a 2-part level where you crash on the surface of the Negativitron's planet (more likely, the place where he stores the stuff he sucks up), and have to go to the other side to free the Alliance from a force field. During the first part you have to defeat a horde of evil sackbots and at the second you have to use a RoboBun and navigate through lasers, turrets and sackbots.

Difficulty: Hard

Prizes List


  • Barcode
  • Cool Dude Pilot
  • Stripey Beard Logo
  • Crater Side
  • Green-Pink Cruiser
  • Pink Rock Towers
  • Pink Sweetie


  • Torn Plastic
  • Meanie Horn---Straight
  • Pink Knitted Fringe


  • Pixelated---Brown
  • Pixelated-Blue


  • Vacuum Tube
  • Vacuum Head Top


  • 'Love'
  • 'Meanies'
  • 'The Cosmos' IntMusic

Level Complete

  • Costume: Flaskboy Headpiece 2
  • Sticker: Fish Constellation
  • Material: Modelling Clay---Blue

Collect All

  • Sticker: Orange Sunrise Icon
  • Music: 'Space'

Aced Level

  • Costume: Paperboy
  • Decoration: Meanie Wing
  • Material: Pixelate


  • Some players nickname this level "Bunker 2" because it is a harder than the Bunker
  • This is the only level with the certain kind of Sackbot which seems to have a big human-like body
  • This level has the most glitches rather than any other level.
  • This level's name is a pun on Full Metal Jacket.
  • It is considered as the hardest level ever to be aced or beaten from the story mode in LBP2

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