Copernicus chasing Sackboy

Fowl Play is the third boss level in LittleBigPlanet 2 and the last story level in The Factory of a Better Tomorrow . The player must run away from Copernicus, Clive's guard turkey, who has been sadly corrupted by The Negativitron.

Strategy guide descritpion

Your Sackperson's rescue mission can only be completed once all the Sackbots are safely evacuated from the factory. The only thing that stands in the way is the most fearsome guardbot ever created: a giant turkey lovingly named Copernicus. Unfortunately, the heliocentric turkey is at the mercy of The Negativitron and stops at nothing to trample your Sackperson's newly formed Sackbot army.


The boss level is not actually a boss fight, being that the player must run away from Copernicus. After the


Copernicus chasing the sackthings.

player reaches a point where they, Clive and the Sackbots are stuck, the corrupted turkey falls down a platform into lava, seemingly vanquished. They approach a "Scoreboard", but then, a half-baked, angrier Copernicus appears and keeps the chase going until the player reaches yet another wall, where Clive pulls a lever, causing a platform to fall down and crush Copernicus. Be careful! At the start, your checkpoint is smashed, leaving you with one life. The midway checkpoint is smashed as well, so try not to die! Had the checkpoint been attached to Copernicus, you would have multiple lives...




  • Blue-Red Pointing Hand
  • Crazy Hamster Prison Box
  • Pilot
  • Platinum Wig
  • Red Dome
  • Retro Blonde Head
  • Retro Space Pilot
  • Hot Dog
  • Stylized Business Guy


  • Bin Lid
  • Sackbot Pink Screen


  • 'Battero'
  • 'The Good Old Days'

Level complete


  • Dean Hair


  • The Factory of a Better Tomorrow


  • "Whoever Brings the Night" (Instrumental)

Collected all gifts


  • Hamster Tube T-Junction

Aced level gifts


  • Dean Mask
  • Clive Handforth


  • The level itself references the Skulldozer level from the previous game, also being set in the third world the player travels to. Obviously, however, Copernicus is an improvement over the Skulldozer, having actual legs instead of wheels and surviving its first fall for a second round.
  • There are only 2 checkpoints, one at the start and the other just before the fake scoreboard.
  • It is actually possible to complete this level without acing it, by choosing "Retry" in your Popit just after activating the second Checkpoint (the one before the fake scoreboard).
  • It is a Running Level.

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