Flying in the Face of Danger is the 4th level in Avalonia. This is possibly one of the hardest levels to ace
Flying in the face of danger the cosmos

Gameplay from Flying in the Face of Danger.

because of all the chances to die. One advantage you have is having a 'base' around you when you come out of the spaceship.


When you come out, Avalon teaches you to use the H.O.N.E.Y. cannon. Press X to shoot. Then you get some practice by shooting some evil guys. (There is one type that shoots plasma balls, try to kill them ASAP! Another one has a laser around it. These take 3 shots to knock out.) Then the true test of ducking and weaving comes. Try not to get all of the prize bubbles on your first trip, unless you really dont care about dying. When you are done with all that, here comes the fast
Flying in the face of danger cosmos

Gameplay of Flying in the Face of Danger.

motion part.

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