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The Flame-Throwing Cat (top left)

The Flame-Throwing Cat is a dangerous character that Grandmaster Sensei talks about. It is a cat-like object with a grab switch for a tail that fires bombs into different things. When a Sackperson touches it, it will make a meowing sound.


In the first level of The Islands, Grandmaster Sensei tells Sackboy to rescue it from the sumo. The flame throwing cat also appears in The Terrible Oni's Volcano, in which it helps you defeat The Terrible Oni. Other Flame-Throwing Cats also appear in The Temples in a flame-throwing cat area of a store, where you can get their prize bubbles.


  • There are two types of the flame-Throwing Cat objects, there is the calm one that doesn't shoot any thing, and then there is the other one that shoots bombs.
  • In the Popit, both items' description say they're from the Temples theme. However, if you arrange your items by theme, the dangerous version will be categorised as an Islands object, while the docile version is categorised as being from the Temples.

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