The Flame-Throwing Cat is a cat from The Islands that can throw fireballs. When Sackboy bumps into them, they will make a meowing sound.
Flame throwing cat



In Endurance Dojo, Grandmaster Sensei asks Sackboy to rescue it from The Evil Sumo. Once Sackboy finds them, they float away in a hot air balloon.

Afterwards, in The Terrible Oni's Volcano, the Flame-Throwing Cat appears to help Sackboy defeat The Terrible Oni by throwing fireballs when Sackboy pulls the 2-Way Switch.

Other Flame-Throwing Cats also appear in The Dancer's Court in The Shopkeeper's store, where you can get their prize bubbles.


  • There are two types of the Flame-Throwing Cat objects, there is a basic one that does not throw fireballs, and another that does throw fireballs.
    • In the Popit, both items' description say they're from the Temples theme. However, if you arrange your items by theme, the dangerous version will be categorized as an Islands object, while the docile version is categorised as being from the Temples.