The King: Hello and welcome to my gardens - all my own creation (with a little help from my wife, The Queen). A big adventure awaits you - so good luck!

Dumpty: Hi, I'm Dumpty! Show me your running and jumping skills then! Remember - hold down the X button for a longer jump.

Collect these score bubbles for points! Five or more in quick succession earns you a score multiplier!

Bird: Jumping into the screen is automatic. Try jumping up these hills and you'll get the idea!

To jump down, just push down on the LEFT STICK and push the X button. Easy-peasy!

Watch out for the lethal-looking water!

Dumpty: Prize Bubbles contain useful items. These ones are full of costumes that you can customize your sackperson with!

The Queen: Pleased to meet you, I am the Queen. Please decorate this card character with stickers for me. Jump on the button to learn how.

If you are lucky enough to have a PLAYSTATION Eye, then you can have lots of fun with these items...

The King: Well done! To finish the level, all sackpersons need to stand in front of this scoreboard. Let's see how you did...

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