Final Test is the final level in Da Vinci's Hideout in which Larry Da Vinci tests you to see if you're worthy of getting in the Alliance.

Final test

Larry's Machine in Final Test.

When you get to the playing area, turn the red lights to green. Now get to the center of the stage to press a button to allow you to move on. Note if you stay in the checkpoint area you will not be able to move on and you will be stuck until you lose all your lives or go back to the pod. Then you have to repeat the same process again except the part where you stand in the middle. Finally you will have to use the grappling hook to swing to the switches and pull them. Once you have pulled the switches there will be a sponge with a flashing red light. Grab that and you will have completed the level. Move to the scoreboard and you will be done with Da Vinci's Hideout. Note for the part where the switches go really high, HANG ON to the switch you are holding. when it turns red, pull it to green, therefore saving time. Dont worry you won't die if you do the time saving stunt.

Like most boss battles in LBP2, there are no items to collect.


Complete Level

  • Music: 'Go Get 'em'
  • Background: Da Vinci's Hideout

Aced Level

  • Costume: Flyboy Glasses
  • Costume: Larry Da Vinci
  • Music: 'Suspense'

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