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Flight of the bumblebees

Fight of the Bumblebees gamplay.

Fight of the Bumblebees is the fourth level in the Cosmos, and the second-to-last level in LittleBigPlanet 2.

The player rides a Bee 2.0 to fly towards the center of the Negativitron. For the first part of the level, the player must shoot pink squares and enemies. At the end of the level, there is a boss that shoots pink square steams of plasma at the player, as the boss takes more damage, the more frequently the boss will attack.

When the level is completed, the final level Into The Heart Of The Negativitron will be unlocked.



  • Fight of the Bumblebees is probably a play on the song Flight of the Bumblebee.
  • This is the level most likely meant to look like an older video game because of the pixelated look of the level.
  • This is the only Cosmos level where you ride a Bee 2.0 (Attack Mode).

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