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The Factory of a Better Tomorrow is the place where you meet Clive Handforth. The main idea of the levels there is rescuing sackbots. It has a unusual boss because you don't attack it, you run away from it.It tricks you on the boss because there's a fake ending.There are three other levels and they are basketball,sackbot bounce, and split paths.Clive built the factory.After you beat it,you go to Avalonia.

Strategy guide description

G'day mate! Welcome to The Factory of a Better Tomorrow, a massive industrial complex that spams most of Australia. The Alliance has tracked down the Negativitron here, where it has carried the sackbots to the land down under to twist them into dangerous meanies. The Alliance hopes to save the sackbots and Clive Handforth, the downtrodden manager of the facory, from a negative fate.

Is your sack person ready to take on intense fires, navigate through wacked-out machinery, handle a bevy of unstable explosives, and stay cheery amid a manically depressed spiral-bound Aussie? Ready or not, exhale into the nearest didgeridoo and prepare for the most daring rescue operation in Craftworld history!

Clive handforth

Clive Handforth




  • The Factory of a Better Tomorrow Theme
  • Limehouse Blues
  • Mahalageasca


  • In the level Pipe Dreams, Clive states that the huge red fist has "been in the factory before my time." However, in Maximum Security, Clive states that he had built the factory "from the ground up." This could be a developer oversight. However, Clive may have built the factory around the fist.
  • In the Level Pipe Dreams, if you put the middle finger up for the red hand I sign will come and say `censored`

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