Eve's Asylum is the fifth location you will travel to in LittleBigPlanet 2's Story Mode. Larry Da Vinci will not be there. Instead, Clive Handforth will replace him. You are on a quest to get to Dr. Herbert Higginbotham's boudoir to cure him from a meanie infection.

This area takes place during 21st century in a greenhouse.

The Creator Curator is Eve Silva Paragorica.

Planet eve

Beta Eve's Asylum


Main Levels


  • Mind Control
  • Root Canal
  • Hungry Caterpillars (versus mode level)


  • In the Patients are a Virtue you can see The King, The Queen, FridaThe Collector, a few meerkats and Don Lu's dog at the asylum.
    • In concept art, The Shopkeeper was originally going to be in the level Patients Are a Virtue.
  • The original name for Eve's Asylum was "Designer Organic".
  • The cages in the asylum are golden apples.
  • In Little Big Planet Karting, this level and Victoria's levels has the fewest out of all in the story with 3 levels for the story path and the remainder that doesn't necessary cover the story path. Making it a total of 7 levels in these worlds.


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