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Dr. Herbert Higginbotham
Dr. Herbert Higginbotham
Dr. Herbert Higginbotham
Appears in Eve's Asylum, The Cosmos
First level Patients are a Virtue
Related to December 28, 1937 (age 73)

Dr. Herbert Higginbotham is the creator curator for The Cosmos in LittleBigPlanet 2.

He is first found in Casa Del Higginbotham in Eve's Asylum, where Sackboy gets shrunk and goes inside of him to destroy the virus put in him by the Negativitron. Strangely though, he still seemed every bit as crazy after the virus was destroyed. He also has dark red horns coming out of his hat, swirly eyes (which are very similar to a certain decoration), and he eats socks and licks eyeballs, all when he still has the Meanie Virus.

Physical appearance

He appears to be a match box with a hat and facial hair. He has matches for teeth, too. He talks in a
Dr higginbotham

Dr.Higginbotham's character model.

hippie stereotype or in a philosophic manner. When he is free from the virus one can see his eyes are protractors, and behind his hair there is a ∑ symbol on his ear.


  • His costume is earned by acing the last level of The CosmosInto The Heart of the Negativitron, which is the game's final boss.
  • Herbert Higginbotham is a play on the name William Higinbotham, the creator of the first ever visully graphic video game "Tennis for Two" which was the predecessor to Atari's "Pong", the first household game. William played an important role in the Video Game industry and could be considered the first Video Game Programmer. This explains as to why Dr. Higginbotham has Pong and various other electronic minigames in his levels.
  • His charater model does not include his spiral eyes because they are a decoration.
  • He is currently the only character to have a moment that's similar to an "Acid Trip" (This being demonstrated during the "The most sense you will hear all day" Cutscene), suggesting that the meanie that infected him could have had a chemical similar to LSD or drugs with effects similar to it...
  • He is one of two characters that AREN'T unlocked the world they first appear in, the other one being Avalon Centrifuge (As he apears in a cutscene at the begining of the game).

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