Down Under is the first area that players visit in LittleBigPlanet Portable. It's Creator Curator is the The Mystic. This level is based on Australia.
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  • Neopolitan Dreams by Lisa Mitchell
  • Glockenpop by SpiderBait
  • Talkative Didg by David Hudson
  • Bombora by The Atlantics
  • Up Jumped the Sackman by Jim Fowler




LittleBigPlanet (PSP) Levels
Down Under
WalkaboutGift of the GrabDidgeridoo DigeridontDreamtime
The Orient
Mortar DoDragon on a BiteEggstraction
The Bazaar
Cheeky MonkeyThieves' DenRugs n Kisses
Golden Sands
Get the HumpSand AhoyFun Pharaoh
Alpine Run
Mountin' ExcitementPeak PerformanceDogged Determination
Tinsel Town
Stitch GordonFrying SaucersThe Sewn IdentityOpening Fright
The Carnival
Crashing the PartyRoad to JoyThe Carnival

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