"Breathe life into your decorations and have them grow and stretch using the decoration mounts"
The Decoration Mount is a block, which is invisible in Playmode, on which decorations can be placed. It can alter the decorations placed on it, e.g. stretch them, make them shrink and grow, etc. It's very useful for adding some visual effects to your level.

Tweak Menu

Category Description Tweaks
Properties Position in Layer
Left/Right Minimum X-Axis Scale

Maximum X-Axis Scale

Up/Down Minimum Y-Axis Scale

Maximum Y-Axis Scale

In/Out Minimum Z-Axis

Maximum Z-Axis

Timing Time



Behavior Input Action:
  • Start/Stop
  • Forwards/Backwards
  • Single Cycle
  • Speed Scale
  • Positional

Scale From Top

  • Yes
  • No



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