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Da Vinci's Hideout is the first area of the story where Sackboy meets Larry Da Vinci after he saves him from being sucked up by the Negativitron. This theme is based after the 15th century, specifically Leonardo Da Vinci's workshop, in Florence.



Da Vinci Hideout


After the Final Test is completed, Larry Da Vinci congratulates you upon becoming a member of the Alliance. Avalon sends a message to Sackboy, welcoming him into "The Kablammo Club". Sackboy and Da Vinci then set out towards Victoria's Laboratory.


  • Da Vinci's Hideout is called "th_da_vinci" in the game files.
  • As Larry Da Vinci is based off Leonardo Da Vinci, several references to the inventor can be found in the Da Vinci's Hideout background.


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