Cowabunga is a level in The Canyons in LittleBigPlanet's Story. The object of this minigame is to stay on a motorized cow trying to tip you off while collecting bubbles. This level can only be unlocked if you find the key hidden in on of The Canyons. Staying on the cow, however, is an unimaginably difficult task to master but if you do manage to become able to beat this level with flying colors, you can complete it with a incredible score that the inhabitants of LBP will look up to. If you are unlucky to end up on the floor, losing to the gas below the cow, it won't be the kind of situation where you can say "Hey, it doesn't matter, I'll just respawn via the Checkpoint and get the highscore after a few extra lives, right?" WRONG!!! The gas gets rid of you and you end up in the victory room, or as it may be referred to in the minigame levels as the failure circle, it will record your score within the archives of LBP.

Sidenote: Even though it may be a failure circle, it's not if you end up with one of the highest scores in the community.

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Stay on the cow and don't fall into the horrible gas - survive and collect points for as long as you can!


(36) Little Big Planet (Story -- Cowabunga)04:39

(36) Little Big Planet (Story -- Cowabunga)

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