Concepts are concept art of LittleBigPlanet that you can earn as prizes if you collect all the items in a level. You also get the concepts with a frame. Here is a list of some concepts:

The Gardens

First Steps

  • The Gardens Concept

Get a Grip

The fairy tale concept

Skate to Victory

The Savannah

Swinging Safari

Burninging Forest

The Meerkat Kingdom

The Wedding

The Wedding Recption

The Darkness


The Canyons

Boom Town

  • Boom Town Concept

The Mines

Serpent Shrine

The Metropolis


The Subway

The Construction Site

The Islands

Endurance Dojo

Sensei's Lost Castle

The Terrible Oni's Volcano

The Temples

The Dancer's Court

Elephant Temple

The Great Magician's Palace

  • LittleBigPlanet Cosmos Concept

The Wilderness

The Frozen Tundra

  • Carnival Concept

The Bunker

  • Bad Witch Concept

The Collector's Lair

The Collector (level)

  • There are no concepts for this level.