Colonel Flounder
Colonel Flounder

Colonel Flounder

Appears in La Marionetta, The Land of Odd and Spooky Mansion
First level Introduction
Voiced by Nick Boulton

Colonel Flounder is the first Creator Curator of LittleBigPlanet PS Vita and helps Sackboy through La Marionetta. Colonel Flounder first meets with Sackboy before he enters the Carnivalia and tells him not to go. After, Colonel Flounder and Sackboy explore La Marionetta Sackboy loses Colonel Flounder after a mine car incident.


He has a thick spiky moustache and a tall tophat, blue pants held up with buttons a red coat with gold edging, strange Chicken-like feet and white gloves.


  • He is voiced by Nick Boulton.
  • A flounder is a type of fish.
  • He has a Russian Accent.
  • His name and chicken feet may be a reference to Colonel Sanders, creator of the fast-food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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