• Coaster Valley Earth

Coaster Valley is the fourth theme of LittleBigPlanet PS Vita. Sackboy and Sean Brawn discovered the truths behind Jackpot City and departed in pursuit of the abducted Marianne Noisette, but the transition hasn't gone exactly as planned! The Unbelievable Otis promises to make this detour a memorable one, however, as he and Sackboy race through a junkyard amusement park in search of spare parts!

Main Levels

Crashdown In The Valley

Looks like you've landed in daredevil central, and this guy's the mayor! If you're gonna get out of this place any time soon, you'll have to help Otis build a one-of-a-kind shootin' device! Finding the parts won't be easy though - so crash helmets and protective clothing are HIGHLY advisable!

Spare Part Pursuit

Hunting for spare parts will not be easy without a pair of Grabinators. Otis teaches you grabbing, throwing and how to handle explosives, as you rummage in the junk for essential cannon parts.

Three Wheel Tracks

For this first step of your journey to The Scrapyard, you have to get to the end of this long and VERY winding road! Luckily, Otis has a vehicle that will take every last bend in its stride. So jump in your three-wheeler, and get making tracks!

Makeshift Transportation

The Scrapyard is so high up in the clouds that even daredevils get the jitters; and the only way there is a via Otis' most favourite ride ever - the legendary seatless rollercoaster! So get your Grappling Hook at the ready, and remember to keep your arms and legs ... dangling perilously close to danger at all times!

An Appetite For Metal

Someone has accidentally woken up a mean old junkyard dog; and it seems to have a rather fierce appetite! Probably best to hotfoot it out of this place right away; there's surely an easier way to find some scrap metal.

A Slight Miscalculation

So you've got all the parts you needed! What a natural collector! Only thing now're about to be fired out of a turbo-powered, double-barreled cannon! Well, at least you're in the safe, dependable hand of The Unbelievable Otis!

Side Levels


This Versus Game can be played online or with a friend through shared screen play. Use touch to flick your puck as close to the bulls-eye as possible. Be first to grab the power-ups and give your pucks more pizazz!

Toy Tanks

Pilot your toy tank and battle it out with your chums in this versus game! Move your tank around with the left stick and rotate your turret with the right stick. You can fire missiles with the R button. These missiles will bounce off walls too, so watch out for friendly fire!

Chopper Throw

This game can be played online, or with a friend through shared screen play. Use the left stick to move and rotate the chopper, and try to hurl your barrel as far as possible! Strict diet, special training, and stretchy shorts are preferred, but not mandatory!

Pins and Trophies

In addition to the rewards available in its individual stages, two pins and a trophy are associated with Coaster Valley as a whole.

Complete Coaster Valley

Running through all of this theme's main levels awards "Complete Coaster Valley" as both a pin and a bronze trophy.

Ace Coaster Valley

Overcoming each of this theme's main levels without dying awards the "Ace Coaster Valley" pin.