There are spoilers for the LittleBigPlanet series underneath this header. Read at your own risk.

You did it! Most people just leave me.
— Clive to Sackboy, in Maximum Security

Clive Handforth is a character that appears in LittleBigPlanet 2. He is the Creator Curator of The Factory Of A Better Tomorrow.


He owned The Factory Of A Better Tomorrow before it was invaded by the Negativitron. He is the second person to join The Alliance.

When the player arrives in The Factory Of A Better Tomorrow, he is seen sitting in a can, and then proceeds to tell the player how he ended up in the situation he is in. He then tells the player to rescue all of the Sackbots held captive. Aiding Sackboy and making him company through most of The Factory Of A Better Tomorrow, and then joins him in his trip to Avalonia.



He has a blue calendar head, a half dark blue and half white eraser body and bent paper clips as limbs. He has hands and feet made of blue paper. His original appearance included more cartoon-ish eyes and a longer, bushier mustache.


Clive suffers from extreme low self-esteem, which causes him to blame himself for many mistakes. Constantly gloomy and depressed, Clive is pessimistic and mostly afraid. In the end, during the battle against The Negativitron, he performs an act of bravery by confronting the giant vacuum cleaner, evidencing his development.


  • He has a Lancastrian accent.
  • His facial animation is similar to that of stop-motion or a flip-book, with the style of flipping pages.
  • In Full Metal Rabbit, after you've been informed that the Alliance is trapped in a force field, one of the evil sackbots, or meanies say, "Your friends are dead meat and dead...calendars!", referring to Clive's calendar head.
  • In the final battle against the Negativitron, he drives the bounce pad platform in the 2nd stage along with Avalon.