Challenges are a feature that is included in LittleBigPlanet 3. They are changed bi-weekly.

List of Challenges

Title Image Description Character Music
Over The Line Over The Line OddSock is taking a trip on Newton's Airship, but it won't be an easy ride. Stay above the line and avoid the fireballs to boost your score into the stratosphere! Keep an eye out for handy power-ups amidst the chaos! OddSock Look At What You Could've Won!
Pixel Pace Pixel Pace Don't count on the bee this time! Run, jump and climb your way through to get the highest score in this frantic 2D bubble combo race Sackboy
Hare-y Fists Harey fists Ever wished you were controlling Avalonia's one-wheeled-robot-rabbit who punches targets into other targets? No? Well you should have, it's great fun! Sackboy Avalonia IntMusic
Descent into Krab-ness Desent into krabness Sackboy's back visiting his new-found Bikini Bottom friends in the Krusty Krab. How long can you survive in the ever scrolling cooker? Pay attention to the power-ups, they'll come in handy! Sackboy
Sensei's Speedrun Sensei's Speedrun Toggle is off to tackle some classic Craftworld obstacles in a race around the Islands! And to visit Sensei, of course. Toggle Islands IntMusic
Deep Space Dodgeball Deep space thing Your zero G reflexes need to be at the top of their game in this survival challenge. Stay in the Point Panels to make your way to the top. Sackboy Manglewood Interactive Music
Now You See Me... Now you see me The Great Magician likes to play tricks! Watch your step as he makes you vanish and reappear in this magical temple race! Sackboy Dancing Drums
Great Shock! Great shock Sackboy's borrowed Marty's hoverboard again. Grind your way to glory by staying in front of the Point Panel and leaping in front of the iconic Clock Tower! Sackboy
Tower of Boost Tower of bloop Sackboy's back to tackle the tower again! This time with his trusty Boost Boots! Sackboy



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