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You've made it to Dr. Higginbotham's boudoir, at long last. Now you must find him.
Lbp2-casa del higginbotham

Casa Del Higginbotham seal


You basically try to dodge meanies and fire throughout the level. The objective is to find Dr. Higginbotham.

Multiplayer Prize Bubble Sections

  • One x4 Area
    Each player will shoot at a water thing (continuously) until all of them are open and every player is shooting them. You will get some stickers.


Well hidden prize bubbles:

  • When you come out, do not go right, instead go to the left and you will get a new material.
  • In the area where you shoot the diagonal water things( in the light not the dark) you will see a little cutaway circle in the sponge. When you reach the second platform, go to the VERY back and go right and you will get a sticker.



  • Anchor
  • Butterfly Fish
  • Colorful Tortoiseshell Motif
  • Eve Doodle
  • Flying Duck---Large
  • Golden Horse Head
  • Green Brush Doodle
  • Impressionist Motif 3
  • Impressionist Motif 6
  • Martha
  • Oak Leaf
  • Orange Monkey Head
  • Pink Mouth Doodle Sticker
  • Rooster
  • Skullface Doodle
  • Snarly Bear
  • Stick Body Doodle Sticker
  • Toothy Face


  • Sycamore Seed


  • Green Sequins & Leaves
  • Knitted Folds---Yellow
  • Textured Grey
  • Gold Swirls


  • Bee Antenna

Level Complete

  • Costume: Vincent Leg Vines
  • Music: 'Sinister' Stinger 2

Collect All

  • Object: Feather Fan Brush
  • Object: Tap Object

Aced Level

  • Decoration: Beaded Leaf
  • Costume: Vincent Leaf Jacket

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