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Carnivalia is a Carnival-theme planet in LittleBigPlanet PS Vita. It is where the game's story takes place.


Carnivaila is small, almost the same size as the My Moon. It has a disorganized look, with various objects sticking out of it. These include a ragdoll octopus, a trumpet, a house, some moving tentacles with a wind-up key, and a carnival tent with a moon symbol at the top. Various items are on springs which periodically move up and down. There are also gears under the planet if you look closely.


  • It is visually similar to Bunkum.
  • In the E3 trailer for the game, it has different badges on it. It's possible this was the beta version of the planet.
  • The Buttons of the worlds suck the joy of Craftworld, as seen in "A Carnival On The Run" in the game's Concept art it was originally gonna have plungers.
  • Concept art of Carnivailia depicts a Igloo-Theme world with a Lab under it, it could be an early version of Jackpot City.