Lbp2-barvery test

Bravery Test is the last level of Da Vinci's Hideout in LittleBigPlanet 2.

Once you have completed this level once and acquired the Wooden Gear 1 sticker, you can use it on the Sticker Trigger above a wooden door at the starting point of the level. This will transform the level into a race and provide you with various new grapple points so you can earn the remaining stickers you missed.


Da Vinci’s a cunning old fox. You’ll need nerves of steel and brains quicker than melted butter to get through this in one piece. Leaps of faith may well be the order of the day here.



  • Woodcut Flower
  • Blue-Green Leaf Motif
  • Hand Sketch
  • Da Vinci House
  • Cloud Sketch
  • Wooden Grappling Hook
  • Da Vinci Wall Motif
  • Rhino Leg
  • Ochre Victorian Lady
  • Da Vinci Front Door
  • Blue Dome
  • Da Vinci Roof Light
  • Rhino Body
  • Da Vinci Head
  • Da Vinci Round Window
  • Propeller Dome
  • Blue Strut
  • Da Vinci Window Frame
  • Da Vinci Head Sketch
  • Wooden Gear 1
  • Red Wall
  • Da Vinci Side Roof
  • Rhino Head Plain
  • Newton Rockstar
  • Da Vinci Hideout Roof
  • Da Vinci Roofed Bridge
  • Da Vinci Main Roof
  • Metalmatica Logo
  • Da Vinci Window
  • White Angel Wing


  • Layered Cobweb
  • Iron Support Quill
  • Plain Iron Hinge
  • Classic Cobweb


  • Quill & Inkpot
  • Cloth Bag Wocker
  • Carved Tree Stump


  • Brown Shiny Wood
  • Parchment-Covered Wood
  • Hexagon Lattice

Level Complete Gifts

  • Bellydancer Dress (costume)
  • Lace Glasses (costume)
  • Paisley Trim (material)

Collect All Gifts

  • Y-Fronts Sketch (sticker)
  • Cartoon Da Vinci (sticker)
  • Fat Candle (object)

Aced Level Gifts

  • Grumpy Eyes (costume)
  • Cog Princess Hat


  • You do not need to ace this level to get the Da Vinci's Hideout IntMusic, as it can also be obtained from The Tutorials.

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