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Prologue Book 1: Manglewood Book 2: The Ziggurat Book 3: Bunkum Lagoon Popit Puzzles
Book 1: Manglewood
Manglewood is the first Adventure Hub hub players encounter in the story mode of LittleBigPlanet 3. Players arrive here after clearing the Prologue and have had the Organisertron tutorial. Manglewood is a reference to the city, Hollywood.

Level Description:

"Dig the groovy vibes of Marlon Random's cinematic magic in Manglewood - the resting place of Bunkum's first great hero, OddSock" - LittleBigPlanet 3

Story & Theme
Upon entering Manglewood Swamps, players must make their way over to Marlon Random who will introduce himself while informing the player they must receive the 3 marbles that hold the power to OddSock's return. The player is then tasked with exploring 3 uniqe levels based around films. Once the player obtains the Marbles, you'll will meet OddSock and excape through a horror/pinball themed level. After that the player will head towards The Ziggurat and defeat the green titain.

Manglewood is a mix between natural and organic.Manglewood theme is based around the classic 1950's & onwards film industry, featuring film reels and old movie cameras. While the entrances to each of the Adventure levels are stylised around the theme for each level: Western casino, Classic Cars in Space and a 50's dinner.

Creator Curator: Marlon Random
Level Links
Adventure Levels

Side Quests

Collectables - Number of Items: 60


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