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Strategy Guide Description

A world-class calendar manufacturer cannot function without a well-armed and stockpiled armory; you never know when some nefarious character might come a knockin', intent on changing the dates or lengthening summer vacation. All probability indicates your Sack Person has a high chance of getting blown to smithereens, but the alliance wants to recruit more Sackbots, so into the unstable armory your Sack Person goes.

Note there is a sticker switch near the entrance. You will need the Red Fist sticker to use the Creatinator.



  • Album Cover 1
  • Big Head Alien
  • Blue Typewriter
  • Clive Stamp
  • Color Wheel---Cubist
  • Colorful Molecules
  • Colorful Robot
  • Colorful Rocket
  • Conformity Poster Detail
  • Invasion Logo
  • Machines Stamp
  • Orange Light Bulb
  • Pink Guy Sketch
  • Raygun
  • Red & Yellow Chevron
  • Red Fist
  • Red Transparent Star
  • Robot Ear
  • Stone Worker
  • Tank Stamp
  • Track 62 Logo
  • White Wavy Line
  • Yellow Fist


  • Clapper Board
  • Rocket Ship Wing
  • Sackbot Alarmed Screen


  • Meryl Dungarees


  • Carpet---Check Pattern
  • Crumpled Concrete---Dark
  • Diamond Lattice
  • Glass Cage
  • Skyscrapers


  • Antique Radio
  • Elastic Band Ball
  • Exhaust Pipe
  • Hamster Tube Cross Section
  • Hamster Tube---Long
  • Hamster Tube---Medium
  • Hamster Tube---Short Curved
  • Lever Arch Folder
  • Metal Bar
  • Tin Can Top


  • 'I Have Changed'
  • 'Mahalageasca (Felx B Jaxxhouz Dub)'

Level Complete

  • Costume: Dean Shoes
  • Costume: Meryl Hat & Hair
  • Music: 'Victory'

Collect All

  • Decoration: Antenna

Aced Level

  • Costume: Dizzy Eyes
  • Costume: Tinfoil Hat


  • Bang for Buck might be a pun on the TV show Bang for Your Buck.

Malfunctioning Creatinator Glitch

At one point, the level's Creatinator, which is supposed to shoot impact explosives, didn't shoot anything, making the level impossible to complete if you placed the fist sticker. The glitch has since been patched.

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